The coronavirus has resulted in the complete shutdown of organized sports for the time being. Football is one of the sports to be the least impacted by the virus at this time. However, the virus has already meant the cancellation of spring football games in the football crazy Southeastern Conference. Conference commissioner Greg Sankey says they’re already seeing a longer term impact on football as a result of the virus.

The SEC has currently canceled all athletic activities, meetings, practices, and organized gatherings through April 15th. Sankey says the conference is working on contingency plans for sports, such as football when it comes to prepping for the upcoming fall season.

The SEC is already working closely with the conferences’ athletic directors to consider all potential contingency plans ahead of the fall season. Sankey says he is hopeful for fall sports in 2020.

Sankey and the SEC will continue to work as if future events are on schedule, while also creating contingency plans in case issues from the coronavirus continue to arise.