The Clarence Cannon Conference has selected its 2019 football all-conference. The offensive player of the year is Clark County senior running back Caleb Lapsley, and the defensive player of the year is Centralia senior defensive lineman Trevor Bodine. The conference also honored the late Jamar White in their all-conference selections. The former Monroe City assistant coach was named the coach of the year. Conference champions Centralia leads the way with nine first team selections. Clark County and Macon are both have six first teams selections. Monroe City is next with three first team selections. Palmyra and South Shelby each have two, and Highland has one.

*Indicates Unanimous Selection


QB- Blake Claas, SR, Macon*
RB- Caleb Lapsley, SR, Clark County*
RB- Keenan Batsell, SR, Monroe City*
RB- Luke Hunter, JR, Centralia
WR- Chrisjen Riekeberg, SO, Macon*
WR- Dylan Schroeder, SR, Highland
TE- Abe Haerr, JR, Palmyra
A.P.- John Durant, SR, Centralia
OL- Hunter King, SR, Centralia*
OL- Caden Phillips, SR, Macon*
OL- Trevor Schorr, SR, Clark County
OL- Max Hays, SR, Monroe City
OL- Cason Wilt, SR, South Shelby

Player of the Year:
Caleb Lapsley, SR, Clark County

DL- Trevor Bodine, SR, Centralia*
DL- Nick Gray, SR, Clark County
DL- Caden Phillips, SR, Macon
ILB- Beau Gordon, SO, Centralia
ILB- Trevor Schorr, SR, Clark County
ILB- Cason Wilt, SR, South Shelby
OLB/DE- Grafton Littrell, SR, Centralia*
OLB/DE- Spencer Gregory, SR, Clark County*
OLB/DE- Dalton McAfee, SR, Monroe City
DB- Caleb Lapsley, SR, Clark County*
DB- Max Hunter, JR, Centralia
DB- Blake Claas, SR, Macon
DB- Cooper Hinkle, SR, Palmyra

Player of the Year:
Trevor Bodine, SR, Centralia

Special Teams
K- Jake Freidel, SR, Centralia
P- Jake Freidel, SR, Centralia*
R.S.- Chrisjen Riekeberg, SO, Macon

Coach of the Year:
Jamar White, Monroe City*


QB- Corder Lehenbauer, SR, Palmyra
RB- Grafton Littrell, SR, Centralia
RB- Dakota Compton, SR, Palmyra
RB- Daniel Burke, SR, South Shelby
WR- Jake Freidel, SR, Centralia
WR- Garrett Blaise, SR, Macon
TE- Dalton McAfee, SR, Monroe City
A.P.- Antwuan Battle, SR, Monroe City
OL- Jeremy Williams, SR, Brookfield
OL- Sam Lynn, JR, Centralia
OL- Jaden Bethel, SR, Clark County
OL- Danny Dennison, SR, Monroe City
OL- Kole Dietrich, SR, Palmyra

DL- Austin Tucker, SO, Brookfield
DL- Alex Arends, SR, Centralia
DL- Weston King, JR, Palmyra
DL- Mason Shuler, SR, South Shelby
ILB- Trace Alexander, JR, Brookfield
ILB- Elijah Mead, SR, Highland
ILB- Peyton Timbrook, JR, Palmyra
OLB/DE- Trey Brown, SR, Centralia
OLB/DE- Mason Scholl, SR, Palmyra
OLB/DE- Guy Timbrook, SR, South Shelby
DB- A.J. Hombs, SR, Centralia
DB- Gabe Hunziker, JR, Clark County
DB- Joshua Talton, SO, Monroe City
DB- Daniel Burke, SR, South Shelby

Special Teams
K- Timmy Watts, SR, Macon
P- Chrisjen Riekeberg, SO, Macon
R.S.- Aaron Plumb, JR, Monroe City


RB- Trace Alexander, JR, Brookfield
OL- Wesley Redington, SR, Centralia

ILB- Tanner Elam, SR, Clark County
ILB- Dominick Mitchell, SR, Macon
ILB- Ceaton Pennewell, FR, Monroe City
ILB- Dylan Redd, SR, Palmyra
OLB/DE- Luke Woutzke, SR, South Shelby
DB- Blayde Meany, SR, Highland