The Palmyra board of education is expected to make a big vote Tuesday night in regards to the future of their athletics. According to a Hannibal-Courier report, the Panthers are considering joining the NCMC in sports the Clarence Cannon Conference does not offer. The programs impacted would include wrestling, girls tennis, girls golf and potentially boys and girls cross country teams. If the board approves the move, the Panthers would have dual affiliates with the Clarence Cannon and NCMC at the beginning of the 2019-20 academic year. The Clarence Cannon is hoping to approve cross country by fall 2019. If the conference doesn’t approve cross country by then, then Palmyra would be allowed to join the NCMC in those sports as well. The Hannibal-Courier also reports fellow Clarence Cannon schools may follow suit in joining Palmyra in the NCMC in non-league programs.