15 games are scheduled at the Peak Sport and Spine Holiday Shootout hosted by the MACC Activity Center tomorrow (Fri) and Saturday. Moberly Activities Director Tim Barnett says it’s affordable entertainment….

Barnett says the event helps bring together teams that might not normally play each other…..

Here is the schedule of the Peak Sport and Spine Holiday Shootout at the MACC Activity Center:
Canton vs. New Bloomfield (G) 11 am
Highland vs. Linn (B) 12:30 pm
Highland vs. Linn (G) 2 pm
Macon vs. Boonville (B) 3:30 pm (KRES 3:20)
Macon vs. Boonville (G) 5 pm (KRES 4:50)
Centralia vs. Bowling Green (B) 6:30 pm (KRES 6:20)
Centralia vs. Bowling Green (G) 8 pm (KRES 7:50)
Madison vs. Westran (G) 9:30 am
Madison vs. Westran (B) 11 am
Cairo vs. Paris (G) 12:30 (KRES 12:20)
Cairo vs. Paris (B) 2:00 (KRES 1:50)
California vs. Clopton (G) 3:30 pm
California vs. Clopton (B) 5:00 pm
Moberly vs. Warrenton (G) 6:30 (KRES 6:20)
Moberly vs. Warrenton (B) 8:00 (KRES 7:50)